Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Yard Sale Finds

My yard sale finds were fun. The whole house was being emptied. There wasn't so much left, but these are a few of my finds. Several lovely linen tea towels, these are two of them. My favourite is the Irish Linen one above.

This is some of the vintage fabrics I found. I love the one with different American houses on.

I bought a box full of magazines and wool. Look at this magazine with the matching wool, from the sixties.

This magazine although written in English, is a French magazine, again along with the wool.

I think aunt Mary whose house it was must have visited France and also the Netherlands, because of this magazine I found in the box. How interesting to look at sewing and styles from another country.
Isn't this wedding dress lovely? I tried to find a date on the magazine, but I couldn't, but I would say mid seventies.

It's interesting what you can deduce, just from a box of wool and magazines. How you get to know a person. Even where they've been and roughly when.

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  1. The fabrics are just lovely--I really like them.

    The wools are so nice too!

    I love the wedding dress. How unique. It looks like the era I married in. All the beautiful work in wedding dresses that one can hardly see--this is so vivid and beautiful.

    What great finds!


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