Monday, July 14, 2008

A Gift From Tobago and B & B

My friend Ali has just come back from Tobago after visiting her family there. This is Ali with her daughter and this is what she brought back for us.

Her mum has a Bed and Breakfast Jone's Country Inn there and she's always inviting us to go. The web site is, the name Ali's mum had for the B&B before someone from Europe who moved in took it and registered it. It was known all over the island that, that was the name for her B&B, it was time honored. But with everthing today if you don't register it, someone will take it.

So I'm going to save my pennies and see if we can go. The only trouble is the cheapest fares are in April, May time and Rob starts High School this September, and it was bad enough taking him out of school this year. In the end we were able to get it changed to an excused absence. Even though he turned in a very nice daily journal of his trip. Plus truancy letters were piling up on our door mat. Even though all teachers and Principle were informed about our trip. So that's the drawback.

This cake was very good. Could taste the rum. It was more like a very dense bread pudding than a cake.

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