Friday, July 25, 2008

The Generosity of Strangers a Peg Bag from Fieldy

I am truly quite new to this Blog World, it is amazing and has opened up all sorts of views, little snippets into peoples lifes around the world. From Finland to New Zealand, from the Far North to the Far South. How people live their every day, day to day life.

I entitled this post The Generosity of Stangers. Of course over a period of time one follows certain Blogs and you no longer feel that they are stangers. You begin to wonder what are they doing today. What has Gillybean planted in her garden, even though it's the middle of the winter in New Zealand. What new doll has Little Jenny Wren made, or is she cozy this winter with her wood stove going in her kitchen in Tasmania. Did Tiny Happy enjoy her time spent with family, what new things has she made. Has A Home From The Heart reconciled her decorating ideas in Finland. What new items has Fieldy made in Scotland, maybe a tea cosy, or a bag, or a hot water bottle cover for those cold nights in winter, a needle case to treasure in ones sewing box or some corsages.

So to get back to my point of Generosity of Stangers. I have won this wonderful Peg Bag in a giveaway by Fieldy in Scotland. I am so excited. Take a look at Fieldy's Blog . Her lovely work uses those beautiful Harris Tweeds which are so lovely and rich. So this treaure will be making it's way across the Pond. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Harris Tweed fabrics and yarns are so beautiful. I remember Kasse Fassett saying it wasn't until he came to Britain and saw the wonderful colors, that set his mind racing on what could be done with them.

When I was a child visiting Scotland, my mum bought a length of Harris Tweed for a skirt and matching yarn to knit into a cardigan and it was a hard choice. Look at Fieldy's Blog and you will understand what I mean.


  1. I love that about blogging too. Thanks for the shout. A little bit more pruning today.

  2. I love your blog's new look. How did you get the middle to stay the same. Do tell!


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