Sunday, July 20, 2008

Carrie's War

This film is set in Wales during WWII. The reason I took a photo though is because I love her hat. Isn't it adorable, with the embroidery?

It's about evacuees from London being moved to Wales, a brother and sister and their adventures there. Living with a very chapel brother, Mr. Evans who remains cold and distant, and sister, who likes the joy and life of having young ones in the house and, who meets up with an American GI.

And just the enchantment of Wales, the Celtic history, it's tales and how they come to feel this, by visiting Druid's Bottom and getting to know Hepzibah and Mrs. Gotobed, Mr. Evans estranged sister.

I have very happy memories of Wales. Even though it always rained almost the entire holiday. Our regular issue as children was a plastic rain coat and "Welligogs." We went there for several summer holidays camping. I especially remember Swallow Falls on a rainy day.

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