Thursday, July 17, 2008

Salvaged Metal Chairs

I was going to put salvaged wrought iron chairs, but I don't think they're wrought iron, just metal and black. My neighbour put them out in the trash along with a table. So I sanded them down. I asked my husband for a wire brush, but he came up with an old electric drill, with a circular wire brush on it, far better. Then I bought the cheapest black spray paint from Wallmart and sprayed them. I second guessed my self, thinking I should have done them in the matte black and not the glossy black, but so be it.

Painted chair and table with tray and candle on it.

I bought cushions on sale, they're the water resistant ones.

I am pleased with the results. I like a lower chair, because I find them more comfortable.

P.S. The only problem is I sanded one chair and painted it, two cans of spray paint also another piece of garden furniture, which I started last year, which took six cans of paint, that was last Saturday and since then, the tip of my right index finger has been numb. It's gradually coming back, but this is Thursday. Tuesday I sanded the other chair and table and painted them both, trying not to use that finger. I even used a snap on trigger for the spray cans. Maybe it was the vibration of the drill.

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  1. I have seen these chairs in person and even have sat in one...they are lovely chairs!


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