Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Look at what Rob did for me on Saturday

I picked up and he layed 120 squares, it took him all day. Last year in our outside room I put down on old rug being thrown out by a friend, it looked good, but by the end of the summr it became a haven for midges, because of always remaining a bit damp.
This year we thought maybe a taupe, but that didn't work and we decided to just put down the squares. He did such a nice job for me, and I am so happy with it. Tinkerbell showed her sign of approval, by rolling over, playing and spending time with me. She definitely gave her seal of approval.
The garden tent was from IKEA last year. I furnished it with finds out of the trash, things given to me, an old IKEA table. It's my quiet place.

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