Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Thrifting with a Friend

Let loose with a friend at the thrift shop can be a recipe to encouragement of over spending. But truly how much can you over spend in a thrift shop, or as I found out an op shop down under.

This is my German dinner service I bought. Yes it is missing some pieces but that's alright. As long ago I had bought a plain white dinner service with a gold edge that fills in on any shortage I have on may gold edged patterned pieces.

I did this because I was given some lovely Royal Albert pieces as wedding presents, but nothing that made a whole set, and I could not afford to get the whole set, so I decided to make it up to use it, by buying the plain white with the gold edge, and it has served me well.

It's interesting to see the different shaped cups in a German set. You can just look at them and see that they are not from the UK. The set has both tea cups and demitasse cups. So now I need to entertain with them.

I just love china. A friend once said, that if I ever got very cross with Bo, I would never run out of plates to throw at him. Yes that would be true.

The pottery in the centre was hand made in Canada. I love it, but it was no thrift shop find.

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