Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Felted Mittens

My friend Ali gave me two jumpers/sweaters, that she had shrunk and I made these mittens from them. The sage green wool was from an Italian jumper belonging to her husband, who is over 6'6" tall, so it was a big jumper, and it's just amazing how small they can shrink down to. The cream was pure merino wool. I liked this combination together. I lined them with an orange fleece lining to be bright and cheerful. And used the buttons from the sage jumper for the trim on the cuffs.

These I made from a boiled wool jacket. They are super warm. I lined these in black fleece to match the black trim that was on the jacket, that makes up the edge of the cuffs. I also used the buttons from the jacket.

These are fun to make and great to recycle old wool items that have shrunk, or have a stain, or maybe moth holes in, which you just cut around, after the wool has been shrunk in super hot water. The red ones my friend chose to go with a black winter jacket she has. Zi displayed them on her Blog here.

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