Friday, April 4, 2008

Daffodils from England

I couldn't resist this bunch of daffodils from England. I was in yes, Trader Joe's and they had bunches of daffodils from England. Which does seem a little over the top in view of oil prices and global warming, but since they were there and not that expensive I bought a bunch. I'm even saving the little tag for a bookmark. Yes I know quirky, but each time I use it I will think of hedgerows in spring, and that bunch of daffodils from England.

This is the bunch I bought.

Here they are intermingling with their American brethren, from my garden, they seem to be fine together.
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  1. England was where I first saw Daffodils and they have been my favorite ever since. My teacher lived in our village and I cut some and took them to her. At that moment I fell in love with them.

    They are such a sturdy and bright flower.


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