Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Pot of Paint

What can a pot of paint do? Well it can be quite amazing how it can give life to old pieces of furniture and shelving. The shelves pictured above and below were already in our basement when we bought the house. They must have been built down there, because you would never get them out. The set of canisters a friend just gave to me, she was clearing out and I thought the colour went well on the shelves.

My desk, and I have my old laptop here, which we thought had packed up, there was a problem with the screen, then it revived itself, so I leave it down here to listen to the BBC, Radio 4 which I do so much enjoy.

The chair above is from IKEA and we've had it forever. The shelves behind I got out of the rubbish/trash.

My coup de gras, is that how you spell it? A sewing machine cabinet from the thrift shop. When you press the button, the shelf rises with the sewing machine on. The doors are for thread and above there are shelves to store fabric. So you open the bottom doors, pull it out, open up the top to the left and press the button.

I was going to try and make one out of an old tele cabinet, as everyone is going to a flat screen tele and nobody wants the old cabinets. Later I will look up the magazine article on that and post it. I thought it was a great idea for all sewers with machines. But who could resist one already done with nothing to do.

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