Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Taste, Smell and Memory

Taste and smell can bring back such memories. Don't you find that? I bought this cheese in Trader Joe's. We always ate New Zealand Cheese when I was a child. You may think, that's funny a child in the UK, Europe eating cheese from New Zealand. But what you have to understand is, that before the UK joined the common market most of our meat and dairy products came from the Commonwealth countries. And I do especially remember New Zealand cheese, butter and lamb. In fact we as a family never ate cheeses from the continent or butter. You could get some, but it was much more expensive. Of course that all changed when the UK joined the EEC, and now so many things were coming from the continent, but for many of the Commonwealth countries, they lost one of their main markets. To go back to taste, smell and memories. Well as soon as I ate that cheese, the taste took me back to childhood. I remember that taste.

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