Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Teapot Curtains Made with Serger

A little project I worked on this winter was making these dining room curtains with my serger sewing machine. Now I hate to confess this, but I'v had that sewing machine at least eight years and never learned to thread it. It just seemed so daunting with four needles. Well I'm happy to say after trial and error, all one afternoon, I have mastered threading that sewing machine. I also taught myself to sew a blind hem, now there's progress.

I love this fabric, it's covered in large teapots. I call this my BR fabric. Meaning I got it before Rob. I bought it with no thought as to where I would use it or on what. But while sorting some things out I thought this would look so well in my yellow dining room. If I'd gone out to buy fabric for curtains it could not have matched better. And I just love Teapots.

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