Monday, March 30, 2020

Crochet and Commenting

Hi Dear Folk,

Thank you for leaving comments on my Blog, for some reason I can only publish them, but cannot reply to them, not sure what is happening there.

In anywise Cynthia asked me about the crochet shawl I'm working on, which is The Lace Diamond Shawl.  I am crocheting this in a Noro Kirameki Yarn probably discontinued as I bought the yarn on a clearance sale.  This I call my Sunset Shawl because of the deep pinks, oranges and blues.  This is not a hard pattern and Fiber Spider gives a great tutorial on how to crochet it.

The other shawl I just finished is my Butterfly Prayer Shawl, maybe a tad harder to crochet but not much.  I did this in the Noro Kirameki Yarn too, and this is in predominantly greens and I call this my Spring shawl.

Just a note the Lace Diamond Shawl grows quicker in width than length, but the Butterfly Shawl grows quicker in length than width, so on the Butterfly Shawl I had to keep on crocheting to get the width I wanted and thus is is quite long, but with this yarn being so fine it drapes beautifully and I just fold it over and drape it around my shoulders, I love it.  So if you wanted more width than length I would go with the Lace Diamond Shawl.

In the previous two blogs I've posted the You Tube videos on these tutorials, I think you'll like them I've had great fun crocheting them.  Also just posted my Sunset Shawl on Instagram to see.

Have a great day, keep safe, be good and keep on crocheting.



  1. They are both beautiful, nice to have two or three projects on the go.

  2. Why bother replying to your comments, on your blog?

    Go to the blog, of the person who commented, and reply there.

    All bloggers love comments. But not all, want to return to a blog, another time, to look for replies, on that blog.

    Please, let's all change back to the old way, especially at this time of we-are-all-in-this-together terror. Keep blogging and commenting and blogging and commenting, on the blog of the other person.

    It will help all of us, through...

    Gentle hugs,


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