Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lasagna Manicotti

I made a cheese and tomato lasagna. Four layers of lasagna, layered ricotta cheese and mozarella cheese with tomato sauce.

I had bought a large container of ricotta and did not need to use it all in the lasagna. I wanted to do another dish, but not with a tomato sauce.

So I made, my take, on mushroom and cheese manicotti. First of all I hate to stuff manicotti shells, they always split on me. So I cook lasagna spread it with a mixture of ricotta, beaten eggs and a little finely diced onion, celery is good too. Roll up the lasagna and place in the dish. Top with sliced fresh mushrooms, mushroom soup and sprinkle with mozzarella. Cook at 350 f for about 25 minutes.

So two meals from a large ricotta on sale for $2.75 and mozzarella on sale for $2.50 the other items I had. Mushrooms a punt, $1.50. I used half. Tin of mushroom soup $1.00. Tomato sauce one bottle $1.25 and added frozen tomatoes from my garden.


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