Friday, October 20, 2017


Hi Dear Folk,

So happy it is Friday, did we all make it?

Yesterday was a night mare for many making it home by train from Philly, because some poor soul had decided to end their life on the tracks.  Many lines were not running at all, fortunately my line was and the train was only a few minutes late, but many were catching it in the hope of connecting at the Transportation Center which is almost an hour on the train before catching a bus.

My boss has been letting me catch the earlier train while I am wearing the dreaded black boot, so the 5:04PM train instead of the 5:45PM, I have also noticed that because this train comes in on another platform it seems to run more on time than the later train.  All SEPTA trains are preempted by AMTRAK trains when sharing the same line.  I think the line that my later train comes in on has more AMTRAK trains running on it and therefore is more often late.  That's my theory.  It was over twenty minutes late last night, according to a lady I ride the train with in the morning.  Joy of joys to go back to having to catch the later train. I love catching the earlier one c'est la vie!

It's a sunny day today, but a bit cool.  I love the Autumn light, it looked beautiful on the river this morning as I looked out of the train window.  Lovely warm ambiance to it.

I do love my Indian perfume.  Remember I said I bought Lily of the Valley a while ago and Mr. B. treated me to the Jasmine.  When I opened the package there was a little roller ball in there, which makes it very handy to apply.  I did not see that in the first package, but had found a little plastic doohickey on the carpet and had wondered what is that?  And put it aside.  Fast forward and the light dawns, so now I have that roller ball top on my Lily of the Valley perfume too.  Other wise there was a little dip stick if you want to call it that, this is so much easier.

Rob's GF is coming down for the weekend, they are attending the Renaissance Fayre, it's such fun to go too.  Mr. B. and I have been several times over the years.  One time when much younger I dressed up for it, that was fun.  I had an old Laura Ashley yellow, with white flower buds cotton print dress, and made a tall green velvet medieval hat with a white veil, it did look nice, unfortunately no pictures taken.  It was full length with a squared neckline.  Maybe I'll run across a picture of it on the internet.  I wish I still had it.

I was looking on NETFLIX last night when I ran across an Israeli cuisine film, and I thought that will be interesting, would love to try some, so I'm watching this show about this chef Michael Solomonov and what led him to Israeli cooking, when low and behold he has a restaurant in Philadelphia Zahav now I definitively want to eat here.  Funny how things come full circle.  He even has a cook book too.

Have a great weekend.



  1. Glad you got home ok. Sadly it is quite common for people to end their life on our train line, especially in our town. We now have loads of posters up for the Samaritans. The Renaissance Fair sounds fun. Israeli cooking sounds interesting.

  2. Hope you have a lovely weekend. The Renaissance Fayre sounds like fun, shame you don't have a photo of your special outfit but you still have your wonderful memories of it.

    1. I know wish I did. I was into photography back then, but certainly one didn't take as many photos as one does now.

  3. How sad that the poor person who ended their life felt that was the only option. That is so horrible. But on a lighter note you get to spend time with your son and his wonderful girlfriend. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

    1. Yes so sad, unfortunately it is not an uncommon occurrence. I'm sure they will enjoy the Fayre.


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