Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Whinging Wednesday and Other Things

Hi Dear Folk,

We have been quite spoiled with two weeks of Indian Summer and temperatures even up to 95f, so this weather coming in now is the beginning of winter.

A snow and rain storm heading in our direction from the Mid-West, but I'm looking at our little corner of Pennsylvania, near to Philadelphia, and it seems we may miss it all.

This morning as I ran out of the house, but that's too much of an exaggeration, rushed out would be more like it, I grabbed my leather jacket that was sitting on the stair corner post.  When you walk out of the house, straight to the car, drive to work and then straight into the office, you do not need truly heavy clothes, you're never outside long enough to warrant them.  That is all going to change when our office moves to Philadelphia and I have to catch the train.  Cold mornings standing on platforms and a walk home from the station are ahead of me.  The only thing I can say is a walk home from the station will do me good and I will have to do it.

Plus I found out no reimbursement for all the extra costs of travel into the city, yikes.  Now I'm wondering about the increased city wage tax and health insurance increased by $600 this year and is now up to a whopping total of $7,601.00 and that is just my husband and I, if we had all the family on it it would be $14,000, and this is through a company health plan. You can see where all our money goes here in the USA.  And it's not as if you don't pay out of pocket expenses when you do go for any medical issues.  But we do have cheap gas/petrol at $2.50 per gallon.  I should take off and drive the States.

Well best hunker down.



  1. Now I'm retired I look forward to snow tho we haven't had any for a few years. Walking home's good as it gives you time to clear your head of work. Those extra costs are not good though.

  2. It is amazing how much insurance companies charge, really it is a disgrace.

    1. I agree it is a disgrace. I remember your sister posting about health ins.

  3. Who can resist a sweet straw basket! Thank you for popping by and leaving a comment so I knew you had visited. I used to get the train to work and loved it, really enjoyed the time winding down from work.
    Good luck with your new journey when it starts.
    Lisa x

  4. I hope everything works out ok for you me dear and I hope you enjoy your walks home xxx


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