Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Skippack Craft Show

Hi Dear Folk,

I had off yesterday, Monday, and went back to work today.  I was so full of energy last night and stayed up late, but today I come home from work tired.  It's then you realize how much work takes out of you.

I wasn't going to do any work yesterday as it was a day off, I read, listened to BBC Radio and watched Britain's Best Bakery.  However I did get into my linen closet and sort a bit, along with getting some clothes drawers sorted to, so that felt good as they'd been niggling at me.

Have you watched Britain's Best Bakery? I watch it through Tubi TV, which is an app I downloaded on my iPad.  There are twenty episodes altogether in the first season.  You get to see some lovely British countryside, and many styles of bakeries and the goodies they showcase.  I like the Great British Bake Off, if you like that I think you'll like this.

So much seems to be rubbish on TV today that this is a nice come to.  Look under the British section.  I will forewarn you that you have to put up with adverts.  One was for the NRA, I definitely whipped out to the kitchen and got a strong cup of tea on that one.

Mr. B. and I just popped out last Saturday afternoon and went to a craft show, in the old village of Skippack.  I think I was in my have enough stuff mood, it's always fun though to look and get ideas.

These pouches were fun to see.

I did like this stall, especially the scarf with reindeer on.  Mr.B. has a nice jumper with reindeer on that my mum knitted him.

So what better than a stop at a cafe for an Americano coffee, I'm telling you it's becoming my go to coffee of choice when out, along with coffee cake.  Cake you drink with coffee and has no actual coffee in it, which was most confusing when I first came here.

I bought a very nice small run coffee from Trader Joe's and it's from Malawi, a name I remember from my teenage years, the country went through some very turbulent times.



  1. I always say I can't stand the Great British Bake Off but I haven't actually watched it so that's a bit unfair. It's the presenters of these shows that irritate me normally. Also although I love to cook I find cooking programs boring with the exception of the Hairy Bikers and Eat Well for Less. The craft fair looked interesting. I haven't been to any of these for ages. I only recently found out what an Americano is but as I like very weak coffee, I won't try it. I think the bakeries program is on freeview so will have a look.

  2. The show looked lovely. Coffee cake is mysterious isn't it?


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