Saturday, October 1, 2016

Sun to Squalls And Family and Finds

Hi Dear Folk,

It's Saturday morning where I have the luxury of time and if I want to stay in bed with a cup of tea and read I can do that.  My reading is "Names for the Sea, Strangers in Iceland" by Sarah Moss.  I'm learning all sorts of things about Icelandic culture.  I wanted to read this as my friend Jean has been there and also Tracy from Sunny Corner Farm.  I know I've flown over Iceland and near to Iceland a couple of times in my many years of crossing the Atlantic.  I would recommend this book as a very good read.

Flowers fresh water and a new vase keeps my bouquet going.

Still working on the cardi, I may never have to buy anymore yarn, the secret is crochet five lines, undo eight.  Plus the different types of yarn I'm using and working that all out.

On my desk a card from Wyoming with Mule Deer.  Candyce has been out there visiting family staying in their Cabin, and other family have flown in from Mozambique to all be together.  Lots of food and fun.  Visiting all those parks that are on my hit list.

It's Wednesday after work, the day they have 25% senior discount.  I walked in the new thrift, I come in at the lower level and take the lift up, as I'm walking over to the jewelry counter to see if just maybe they have some amber, I es spy sitting up behind a counter on a high shelf these boots. I know they must be more expensive just because of where they are.  I ask to try them on and joy of joys they fit, Ralph Lauren Polo, leather and Australian shearling.  It never ceases to amaze me what people buy and get rid of, brand new.  So with my discount and the gift card Mr. B. got when the store opened, they were a great price.

Photos always show the dust you never see.

German Seeburger Hat established 1890 a hat in felt and velvet, a nice find.

When I see a date like 1890 I think well were was Germany in her history then?  I guess she was the German Empire that aligned itself with the Austria-Hungry Empire in WWI, came out of that went into WWII and landed up as East and West Germany which is now back to Germany.

So my thought is how did this company survive two world wars, did they supply uniform hats to the Nazi regime?  Let me Google that and who pops up but Hugo Boss started in 1924 at the beginning of the rise of the Nazi Party, he joined in 1931 and yes that's how they got their beginning supplying Nazi uniforms.  So didn't find anything on Seeburger but did on Hugo Boss in a Daily Mail article.

Did find a bracelet that looks like amber, still have to test it, but is nice even if not.

These are the ladies that sit on my dressing table.  Above great grandma on my mum's side Ada, sitting in the chair.

Great grandma on my dad's side.

My mum.

Grandma Kitty, my mum's mum, Ada's daughter.

Ada wearing the broach I have, in fact she is wearing it in both photos, it must have been a long time favorite and wonder whether it was a gift from great grandad.

Here is the broach and the earnings were Ada's too, I need to get them repaired as one is missing the top part, although I still do have the inner dangle.

GG Ada's  husband as a young man in the London Metropolitan Police Force, with his medals.

My mum's younger brother and sister, uncle Don and aunt Joan.

Aunt Joan sent me the copies in the mail unfortunately they got a bit creased during transit.  My sister BB and I got together several times with uncle Don and aunt Joan on my last visit.  Aunt Joan is a wealth of family history that mum never told us.

For instance after granddad died of polio in 1939, for a while grandma kept things going by working at an aircraft factory, Ripper's in Castle Hedingham, and selling off pieces of antique furniture, which we knew.  But after the war when all the boys came home grandma lost her job and the house and for a while they all had to live in a Nissen hut.  Which was one of those steel corrugated, half cylinder buildings that were all over during the war.  Mum was pretty ashamed of this arrangement and would never let friends drop her off right there as they would know where she lived.  Something mum never told us.

My uncle Don said that my dad lived on a neighboring farm and long before mum dated dad, in fact when they did start dating dad had moved away by then, he remembered my dad taking him and aunt Joan to the cinema and buying them a big bag of chips, this was a real treat for them.  Uncle Don said my dad was very kind.

I remember my childhood as big fires, big dinners and and lots of entertaining and family and friends staying as quests.  Yes dad and mum were always generous and kind.



  1. I've ordered that book from our library and look forward to reading it so thank you for that. You are very patient with your cardi. The colours are lovely. I am always jealous of your thrift shop finds especially those boots. I can see family resemblances in your photos. Your dad looked like his grandma, you are like your mum and Beryl is like Grandma Kitty, in fact I thought it was Beryl at first. I love old photos as its such personal history.

  2. A fascinating post about family and history. I think you look like your Mother's family.

  3. What a lovely post Christy. I'm going to look for that book at my library.
    How nice to have all that history. Family history and genealogy are a favourite hobby of mine.
    Gorgeous colour for your cardi.


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