Saturday, October 29, 2016

Bear Claws

Hi Dear Folk,

I'm still in October, just.  The boy got off this morning on his trip to Shenandoah and the Skyline Drive, it's a beautiful sunny day so they should see some good fall foliage.  His car is running well after a snuffoo Thursday, with a bolt that came off that held a belt on.  Up early Friday morning and sorted that out before work.  As it had to be done before the long ride, it's about four hours from us to the park.

I forgot to share with you my 35th Anniversary Gift,  that's why I say still in October, from Mr. B.  a Navajo Bear Claws necklace and earrings.  I've always wanted a piece in this design, so he knew I'd love this.

I've watched the last four episodes of George Gently on Acorn, new to me, I hope there are more.  I love that series, set in the 1960's in the Newcastle and Durham area, with Geordie accents in tow.  Vera is also set in that area, and they are both two of my favorites.

The scenery around the City of Durham and the countryside, plus all the 1960's cars and clothes well makes watching the series just for that.  I like it when they cast characters well.

I hope to get started on a crochet shawl in a lattice work.  This is the yarn I chose for it, Peacock Feather.  Last winter I knitted a hat, mitt and scarf set in the color Babbling Brook.  I do like the colors in this line.

Found a dear little Kenya basket to sit them all in.

Off for a cup of tea and get started.


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  1. I love your anniversary gift. It is beautiful and so is your yarn.


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