Sunday, October 16, 2016

My Park

Hi Dear Folk,

Come walk with me on this Autumnal day, our 35th Anniversary morning.  Berries are red and just one more week and we should truly see those autumn colours.  I must say if you would like to chose a day to get married in all my 35 years of marriage this day in Pennsylvania, October 10th, almost always dawns like this.  The day we got married was a little colder and the leaves were more turned, making for some lovely photos.

I feel so fortunate to have this lovely park on our doorstep, five mins in the car and here we are.  As I've mentioned before thank goodness for the old mental hospital circa 1850's that had all these grounds for the patients to work on, a farm.  This was thought to be therapeutic and I think it was until the powers that be said no that's forced labour and now all they do is smoke cigarettes and drink coffee.  However we get to benefit and now it's The Farm Park, quite a large area surrounded by suburbia, but who would know when you're in the park.  Capsulized when all else grew around it.

The Boy and I have paddled up this creek, he loved this as a kid.

I borrowed a baseball cap from Mr. B. as I find the sun gets right down behind my sunglasses and this helps my eyes.

Memories of The Boy, this is where I always took him as a little boy, almost every day.

I hope you too enjoyed our park.



  1. I did enjoy your park both the virtual and the real tour. It is so lovely to have a green space nearby. Glad you had a lovely day for your anniversary and lovely memories of the boy as a child.

  2. I have grand memories of the parks I used to take my kids to. Yours is wonderful with that little creek.


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