Friday, March 20, 2015

The Last Hurrah of Snow

Dear Folk,

This may be the last hurrah of snow for the winter, or maybe that's wishful thinking.

By the time Mr. B. and I got out it was about six in the evening, so rather subdued lighting.

Leaving home.

A beautiful cedar tree in our neighbourhood.  Always reminds me of the cedars of Lebanon mentioned in the Bible.

This old stone bridge always appeals to me when I drive over it, which is pretty often.

On the corner of our local park is this old graveyard, with gravestones going back to the early 1800s and some a little older I think.  All the park used to be farm land that was owned by the mental hospital, the old mental hospital dates back to early 1850s, so predates the Civil War, and still is a mental hospital, although many buildings are abandoned and there are far fewer inmates now.  Therapy for the inmates was to farm the land, and because it belonged to the State Hospital, it was never built on and by the time they gave it up, people appreciated the land being turned into a park instead of being built on, so nice for us.

These old metal plates used to be put on the graves of veterans.  This man must have fought in the civil war.  I like the green moss against the gravestone and snow.


With so many pictures of gravestones I thought that I would share a scripture that I really like Job 14:13-15 parts of this scripture read ... "If a man dies can he live again? ... You will call, and I will answer you."


Our American robin.

Good bye snow.


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  1. I know you will glad to see the back of it but it is so beautiful and your pictures are great. I love the robin. I would have liked some proper snow.


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