Thursday, March 26, 2015

Dad's Jacket Lives On

This is a jacket that Mr. B. bought back in the early eighties.  It was well worn, then sat for a long while in the basement closet.  One day The Boy needed a jacket in the snow, so we raked it out.  The Boy took a liking to this Green, Orange and Pink jacket, now quite faded.  He wore it to High School and everyone liked it, it became a fashion statement, because it was very eighties and different.

The zipper broke but The Boy was not giving it up, so he took it to the tailor at his own expense to have a new zip put in, hence the bright green zip, which he was a little dubious about, but I said it would gradually fade in.  Then all the elastic around the bottom needed redoing and again he took it to our local tailor a little old Italian guy and had new elastic put in. 

Now The Boy has more invested in this jacket than it cost his father to buy it in the first place, but as you can see he is still wearing it and it has been at least four years that he has had it.

This Boy believes in recycling.

Take care,


  1. That's great! It's so boring to follow the crowd and all be the same. Our boy has a Ben Sherman shirt that his dad grew out of many years ago. Apparently it's vintage now.

  2. That must be an amazing jacket. Love that he has his own look.


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