Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Paisley and Patisserie

Hi Dear Folk,

Trying to catch up and keep on track, plus thinking positive that spring will be here soon.  More snow on Friday so they say one to three inches, so not much, but enough to make it slippery.  Last Saturday it rained but was warmer.  Since Mr. B. does not work on rainy days we headed out to repeat a little trip we had made last year only then Rob was with us, miss that Boy.

We decided to head out to the little French Patisserie and pick up chocolate goodies, which did make me think of my trip to Paris with The Boy, which is now becoming a distant memory and I would very much like to renew that memory.

I also popped into the stationery store along the High Street there.  That too reminds me of days gone by, as it is privately owned and there are not too many of them left.  I couldn't resist this carved wood Paisley design stamp.  I resisted last time I was there but twice was too much.  Just as a piece of decorative art I think it is lovely, and what is it about the Paisley shape that I love so much?  I think because it is such an old design it makes me think of India and Persia, or cashmere shawls that my grandmother wore, and I did actually live in Paisley for a short period of time.

I chose the pyramid, Mr B. the circle and we shared the lollipop.  We packed these up to take home to eat with a cup of Sumatra coffee, what could be nicer?

Before we left town we popped into Anthropolgy, which I like and don't like.  It's always set out most appealingly, but almost all the china comes from China, some lovely ideas and maybe I shouldn't knock that because why is china called china? I did see a lovely fish tureen from Italy that I did like.

The clothes and bags are so way overpriced, at least in my mind, but I guess it's all relative to income, so I head straight to the clearance section.  I would have bought a china bowl but Mr B. forbad me, well not quite, but I knew what he meant.  Still you know it's just fun to look.

Before home we stopped off at our local thrift and I found this hand knitted cardigan, a little large, the buttons needed changing out.  It needed a little work to make it fit how I wanted it to, but I could not pass up on all that hard work, which I think nobody ever wore.

First of all I found new buttons in my stash a purple colour that had been on a cardi from my mum, I put those on, so that made me feel good.  The bottom was just all too big and the front didn't hang correctly, so I took elastic and threaded it all through the bottom, which now pulled it in and made the front where the buttons are not gape out but hang correctly. 

The collar needed steam pressing, because it rolled, and after all that I was pretty happy with it.  It's a loose fit, but very warm and will go nice with jeans or my blue skirt, as I seem to have more in browns than blues, so this is a good addition.  It's a happy little flower design with those yellow centres.

Well that was our rainy Saturday, made a nice break.


P.S.  I have just added the Followers button.  I lost it several years ago and could never find it again and I've tried, but after yet another Google search someone knew where to look for it and Voila! I found it.


  1. What a wonderful find, just think how much work went into that sweater, it is beautiful I am so glad you rescued it.

  2. Your chocolate goodies look delicious. I was always fascinated by paisley as a child. You don't see so much of it now. Your cardigan is beautiful.


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