Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Crochet My Complete Circle

Hi Dear Folk,

As I probably said before I came to crochet rather late in life.  My sister has been crocheting and knitting since I think before she was a teen.  It's not that I didn't try, but I always had sweaty hands, don't know why and patterns seemed like a foreign language to me, so never progressed.  My sis BB and I had a conversation on this, she said because I always had my head in a book and she always needed something to do with her hands.  Although I did progress on to sew a lot, especially through my teenage years, when it was less expensive to sew than to buy.  Mum did both, sewed and knitted, although actually she did not crochet, now I think about it that is correct.

I get it, so my little Circle of Crochet is complete in the World of Crochet.

Here is my shawl made from the thrifted yarn.  I have finished it now and will show pics.  I gathered in the ends to make like a giant pom pom, it looks nice, that was just my idea, I wasn't happy with it so made this little change and love it.

Here is the angora and mohair I ordered from China, which I did the edging with.  I do and I don't like it, but am not changing it now.  I guess I like it enough to live with and when it's draped because of the way the shawl falls sometimes you see the edging and sometimes you don't, maybe I'm too matchy on some things.

I went and bought this crochet book, probably because the tea cozy alone moved me, it does have some nice patterns in it.

Isn't this little cap adorable?  And the tote below looks so useful, Oh! to go out with pens and pads as the weather warms up, although that's not yet, we all have our dreams.

Did you notice that I put a link on my top bar to The Vintage Pattern Files, this is a wonderful resource blog, so good that I had to put it right up there, do take a look I think you will love this Blog too, hosted by Wendy.

I am going to have to learn to knit just to knit the Willow Pattern Tea Cosy and Willow Pattern Hot Water Bottle Cover.  See my Pinterest.

Well take care dear folk.



  1. I have never been able to get on with crochet although I have knitted a few small things very slowly. The shawl is beautiful and looks so soft and warm.

  2. I think the edging is a beautiful contrast to the shawl, I think it looks great.


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