Monday, March 23, 2015

Aaton XTR Prod Withour Lens 16MM

Hi Dear Folk,

The Boy was on a shoot this weekend and this is what he is filming with and this is what he says about this camera.

Shooting on the Aaton 16mm camera is a pleasure, its beautiful.

Aaton XTR Prod without lens, we are using Ziess prime lenses.

The camera and lenses were originally purchased for $126,000!!!

The theme of the shoot is about a starving artist who works at a restaurant, I said he should be able to relate to that.  Working with a crew and actors of fifteen people.

Shooting outside at night was pretty cold, but he also has some inside shoots.

He's a happy camper.

Here are some photos of The Boy working with sound equipment.




  1. He looks very professional! Well done Rob!

  2. Wow, how exciting is that! Best of luck to him.


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