Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sand and Snow

Hi Dear Folk,

It's snowing outside but I've been sequestered by the fire with my crochet what else to do on a day like this.  I've been watching Berkley Place on You Tube, a BBC series from the eighties tried and true, you never know what's going to pop on the screen with the more modern series.

I did stop in and buy the two Woolrich wool jumpers that I've been looking at, one is wool and mohair, with a little angora I think, will have to look.  I mentioned Woolrich before, a company that started over 150 years ago in Pennsylvania, unfortunately their jumpers are no longer made in Pennsylvania , but still nice.  I do love the one because it has sheep right around the yoke their logo emblem, the other has stags on it very traditional winter design.  They were 60% off and then I received a coupon for another 15%, so that made them 75% off, OK that's a better price.

I was in a sorting mood the other weekend and the little area that needed sorting was under our bed.  When you live in a 1920s house you have very little closet space, so all my sweaters are stored under the bed in zipper bags.  All the lovely jumpers my sister knitted for me and other knitted items. The zipper bags were getting old and tatty, not to mention the over abundance of dust bunnies, so I vacuumed and got a nice bucket of warm water and soap and washed all the wooden floor under the bed.  Bought myself nice new Ziploc zipper bags, sorted and discarded some jumpers and now I feel much better.  I still have to pull out my bags from under the bed when I want a jumper, but at least I know where they are now.

I didn't go out today, when you're out all week at work it's lovely just to have a day in your own house, so no snow photos.  I could take them out of the window, but it's been pretty dull.  So I'm going to leave you with not a snow scene but a sand scene.  Our last evening in Maui on the beach.  A storm is rolling in and you can just see a rainbow.  What better way to remember our lovely trip to the Hawaiian Islands.


The End,


  1. That's what I love about winter - snuggling up indoors with interesting activities. It is amazing how invigorating it is to have a good sort out. It's one of my winter projects. Good bargain on your jumpers. I have enjoyed following your Hawaiian adventures.

  2. Good for you with the sweaters. I love a day I can stay in and get things done.
    Have a great week,


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