Friday, February 20, 2015

Hawaiian Fabric Mart

Hi Dear Folk,

Now I saved the best to almost last, this is the Hawaiian Fabric Mart, I think they have stores on almost all of the islands, but you don't need to feel left out because they have an online store here

I did not take photos of all the goodies in this store.  I didn't know where to look first, I'm walking up and down each aisle just overwhelmed.  Definitely Hawaiian, oh no look at those wonderful prints from Japan, it was fabric lust overload.  Horror struck my mind in the vision of my already over stacked titchy little suitcase.

So I settle for a yard or quarter of a yard of this and that, just to have a little sampling.  A couple of truly Hawaiian prints, a print that the owner of the shop designed himself, a print designed on Oahu by a designer there and some Japanese fabrics.  The Japanese was the most expensive but here is love lust.

Don't feel left out though because their online store is pretty good at the Hawaiian Fabric Mart

Hawaiian fabric section.

Japanese fabric section.

And so much more.

Have fun looking around that website, and tell me if you just can't resist buying something.



  1. I do love looking at fabrics and they are so beautiful all together but I no longer make clothes so just enjoy looking now.

  2. That reminds me of nearly 30 years ago some friends brought us back fabric from Hawaii. My husband sewed himself a Hawaiian shirt out of his fabric - pink and green hibiscus blossoms. Our friends said that the new thing was to use the fabric inside out, so he did. My fabric was Japanese, black with white Japanese writing on it. I made myself a dress out of it, with red binding at the hem and neck. I loved that dress!

    1. I have not heard of turning the fabric inside out, I'm sure it gave a more muted colour for a man's shirt. Your Japanese print must have been lovely, a special memory.


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