Sunday, February 22, 2015

Crochet Shawl and Skirt Showing

Hi Dear Folk,

How was your weekend?

Saturday was 2 f and snowing, today 42 f and melting, tomorrow 22 f and freezing over again, what a yo-yo in temperature.

This might be a slight photo overload, but it's taken me so long to take these photos, so here we are.

Last year I finished this crochet shawl and skirt, I've been meaning to take photos with me wearing it. I used up a lot of yarn I already had, this pink and also grey with metallic I had found at the thrift along with the white wool.  The other yarn I bought and worked in.

After I finished it I thought the white looked too stark and too much of it, so I crocheted a braid and threaded it through the triple crochet, it looked so much better.  I like the ruffle around the edge and it's warm and cozy.  The pattern was from a 1970s crochet book.  I do think the seventies were a crochet heaven period and it's taken forty years to get back there again. 

I enjoyed working on the skirt, but I don't think the tie is good for the waist.  I will replace it with elastic, because I don't like it hanging down.  I was pleased with the bottom edging, which is the same stitch as you use around the Japanese Flowers I made. I will make more crochet skirts, because they're fun and pretty easy.  After crocheting the yarn up I can see that there's a slight variation in colour, although I know I bought the same yarn lots, I'm always careful with that.

I took these photos with the camera on the tripod with multiple bursts as I swirled around.

Here my foot slipped out and I almost went over.

This afternoon we went to the Tea and Symphony concert, The Copeland Quartet at The Highlands, so took the opportunity to take these shots there.

I wore my new jumper underneath the one with the reindeer on.  I think all the colours tied in nicely.  I like pattern on pattern if it's right.

My sister and I had a conversation today about our projects, you know BB is the knitting queen and has always been so, right from her early teens.  She's just finished her anemone cardigan, a black, long, mohair cardigan, with eyelash yarn in sea colours up the front opening and eyelash bobbles all over and therefore called the Anemone Cardigan.

She is a master at choosing the correct colours and that's an art when you are putting colours together.  She also has a talent at dressing the fuller figure in her creations.  It's easier to make someone thin look good, but making someone heavier look good takes talent.

The afternoon was spent listening to Dvorak and Beethoven.  The Dvorak American Quintet composed while he was living in American, and has been influenced by Indian music and Southern music and you can hear that.  Very nice.

Plus afternoon Assam tea, sandwiches and deserts in the intermission.  A nice afternoon.

So at last it's posted, done.



  1. You look so elegant and warm in your outfit. Well done. Good setting in the snow as well. The music sounds pleasant as well.

  2. So beautiful! You did really nice work. I would love to see a photo of BB's work too.
    Sounds like a lovely way to have afternoon tea!

  3. I think you are a master, too as the colors of that shawl are gorgeous together. I LOVE the skirt, it fits you brilliantly. You look fantastic.

    1. It was just fun to make. Thank you for leaving a comment.

  4. Wow! What a stunning ensemble. You look like a woman straight from a Paul Poiret fashion illustration! Well done.

    1. I did not know anything about Paul Poiret, but looked him up. Yes the hobble skirt era. I do truly like that era and style of dress. Will take a look at more of his fashion illustrations.


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