Saturday, February 28, 2015

My Brain Is Fried

Hi Dear Folk,

Do you just love filing things, like Taxes and FAFSA?  Especially when you get right to the end and they want a PIN number, not just one PIN number but two PIN numbers and one you don't know.  Then you try and retrieve it and answer all their questions and you still can't get it AAAHHH!!!  This results in fried brain syndrome.  Plus you are under a deadline, today being the final day, talk about pressure.

Also the printer won't work and you have to phone your Boss and ask if you can go into work and print forms up there.  So drive into office, print up the appropriate forms there, feeling pretty good about this, then get home and find out that certain forms were not on the files you printed.  So more phoning needed to get this data.

Eventually, after being on phone with son, who has to phone off as his minutes were running out.  Trying to retrieve my Skpe PIN and every other PIN on earth, I think, I have eventually filed everything.  At least I'm in hope that I have, it did say I had.

Now I'm going to make myself another cup of tea, after already taking an ibuprophen, sit and crochet and watch a movie.

Does anyone relate to this?



  1. Yes my brain is fried too this week. Not taxes but umpteen other things which require hours on the phone, countless emails, trying to find out why one hospital sent a referral letter to another hospital with the wrong address and name spelt wrong so that nobody can find the person who its supposed to be about on their system. And as for pin numbers! Especially when you didn't know you had one in the first place. Still there's always tea, music and a crossword. Hope you are soothed soon.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I hope the cuppa worked a treat. It usually helps me, just sitting for a bit with a nice pot of strong tea.


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