Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Did We Miss Hana? and The Black Beach

Good Morning Dear Folk,

Of course according to where you are.  If I string my posting of my trip to Hawaii long enough, I'll just about be ready to set out on another adventure.

It is after noon time now and we are on the outskirts of Hana.  In all honesty there is not too much at Hana.  If you're looking for quaint shops, it isn't here, all except for -

Again I love these little houses, just right.

Hasegawa General Store, and what a treasure trove this place is.  It is in the true sense an old general store, they sell just about everything.  Unfortunately by this time nature was calling and we asked where the public bathrooms were, and that was by the waterfront in Hana.  So off we go to find them.  We decided to eat lunch by the little beach there, but just as we had our impromptu picnic set up a down pour comes and everything is bundled back into the car.  So no pictures of this little area.

After lunch sun is now out again, on the Hana road to the Black Sand  Beach.  My T-Shirt is an Op Art optical illusion on the camera by the looks of it.  Someone took these photos and caught me getting a soaker.

I collected some stones off this beach and I'm in the process of wire wrapping them to make a pendant necklace.  It will look nice when it's finished.

At certain times of the day when the tide is out, you can walk through this cave to another beach, but obviously we were there as the tide was coming in, so could not do so.

I'm thinking at this point my camera lens needed wiping and I did not do so.

The picture that captures the area best is my landscape banner photo.



  1. That's beautiful and I love the cave. Shame that you didn't have time for the shop. It looked so interesting.

  2. We did take a quick whiz around the shop but would have liked to have lingered. Barb was upset that she never bought a really neat travel mug from here.


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