Friday, August 8, 2014

Vendor Goodies

Hi Dear Folk,

I really do not go in for Brand Names just so I have a brand name item, just not me, I prefer a bargain, but when freebies come ones way from a vendor well who says no.

I have never had a Moleskine before, but have always looked at them in the stationery shops and thought one day, well here is my one day and I went for the red.  This one has the ruled lines and a little pocket at the back, just right.  It now sits in my handbag.

When I was a teenager I used to wear a moleskin coat, handed down to me from a great aunt, in fact I think it was my great aunt Rose's, see previous posts.  Maybe not politically correct these days, but it was pretty old when I got it.  The label inside said Scottish Mole Skins.  It was a deep, deep brown color and the size of every little skin was about 3" long x 2" wide, all seamed together. It was beautifully soft, had a wonderful sheen and was so warm for those cold, damp British winters. It had a swing from the shoulders so may have dated from the forties.  I wore that coat for several years.  If I remember rightly it was the fashion to wear old coats then, in the seventies.  So when I think of Moleskin I think of that coat and that era of my life.

The coloured gel pens are from Zebra, Pink, Apple green and Mahogany.  I love gel pens to write with and always use a blue gel pen at work.

A Bobble bottle, can't say I was familiar with this brand, but some are.  However I do like it, very ergonomic.  With a water filter inside.  I will take it with me to Hawaii I think.

My little goodies.


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  1. So exciting to get freebies! Yours are very good. Paul has moleskin trousers but they are not real moleskins. I suppose they are called that because of the feel of them.


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