Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dolce and Gabanna Woodland Animal Collection

I've been thinking about clothes, especially with what to pack for Hawaii, to fit into the tiny suitcase that airlines allow you and what would make a coordinated little collection. I'm so eclectic with clothes that the thought of a coordinated collection is hard to put together.

I was looking through Mollie Makes which was about appliques and the new Dolce and Gabanna Collection here.  Get out your 1970's craft books, because their woodland collection of owls, squirrels and red foxes, comes straight out of your 1970's craft applique books.  It's like haute couture got lost in grandma's wall hangings, but I'm not adverse to that.

Lots of keys too, don't I have some Italian scarves from the seventies with those on too?

I'm no keeper of fashion, but I do like Runway.


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