Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Great Grandad A Dective

Hi Dear Folk,

 Do you remember that I said I would try and hunt up a few photos of my Great Grandfather who was a detective in the London Metropolitan Police Force see here.  Well here are some photos related to that, no particular order.

Above my great grandmother, with from left to right, Rose the youngest, Kitty my grandma, and Harry I think.  My grandma Kitty was always looking after everyone else and you can see that in this photo.  This would have been taken about 1912 in front of their house, which was a Police House.

My great grandfather as I remember him.

My great grandfather in his dress, special occasion police uniform.

A family wedding photo, probably about mid 1920s.  By this time great grandad Harry seated center with great grandma Ada by his side, had retired to the country, Sible Hedingham, Essex.  I have the little circular broach that Ada is wearing and treasure it.  Behind with a flower in his lapel is the groom Harry I guess Jr, but we don't use Jr in UK, and his wife Elsie, just to his side and in front of him.  Second from top right is my grandma Kitty.  Third from top left I think is great aunt Rose, and fourth from top left is great uncle Alf.  All the others I think are the bride's side of the family and I do not know who they are.

Can you believe that a family member was clearing out and was going to trash this until my aunt Joan, said no I'll take all the photos.


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  1. I find old photos fascinating and can't understand people throwing them out. They are a link with the past.


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