Monday, August 25, 2014

King Ferry Winery, Cayuga Lake Area, New York State

Hi Dear Folk,

Some more photos from my travels.

After visiting the Aurora Shoe Company we decided to visit one of the wineries that we had seen a sign to.  This area is known for their wine and vineyards, very similar climate to the Rhine land wineries in Germany.  In fact one of the wines I landed up buying was a Riesling,  the Wobbly Rock Riesling and a bottle of the Gilded Lily.

By now the clouds are rolling in, above is a typical farm scene, and I have a similar view for my Blog Banner.  I did notice a lot of wild flowers along the side of the roads, and love these punks as they are known over here in the USA in UK we call them bulrush see here for terminology on names.

A farm dog.

Here I am enjoying a wine tasting at the King Ferry Winery, and here is a photo of my chauffeur coming to pick me up by the sunflower field.  In Pennsylvania and New York State you cannot drink until age twenty-one, works out well for mum. He is just driving out of the winery.


This is an absolutely huge field of sunflowers, with all their faces turned south.

Sunflowers are so joyous.  Must try and plant more next year, I just don't think I have a sunny enough place for them, my success rate is not good.

When I looked down at my new shoes which I was wearing, they were covered in yellow pollen.

In the far distance in the dip is lake Cayuga.  Up here in winter they get a lot of snow, because the moisture is picked up off the lakes and then falls again as snow.  It is much colder here in winter than where we live, four and a half hours south.  We saw a wonderful photo op of the seagulls following the plough, but just could not catch it in time.

We also made the effort to visit, what we thought would be a dairy shop and cheese tasting, but it turned out to be a tiny fridge on the porch of an abandoned house, where on the honour system you took a cheese and left $9.00 cash in the plastic container.

You have the vista to see some spectacular skies here, I like this scene looking down to Lake Cayuga, which you can just see to the right of the red barn.  I like the composition of the farm, the drive, fence and sky.  I just took this as the boy was whizzing back to get to the gym, so a purely by chance shot.


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  1. The name punks is great. We have lots of bulrushes near the river here. Sunflowers are so happy and your photo reminds me of France. My sunflowers haven't flowered yet but are about to that is if the heavy rain all day and cool temperature hasn't finished them off. I love your sky photos.


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