Saturday, August 9, 2014

No Time

August as I said is a busy month for us with lots of changes, the biggest change being Rob going away to college in Ithaca.  Yesterday I came home and he said he had a terrible headache, trying to get the utilities, gas and electric, which they have to pay for, turned on and put in his name.  He will be in charge of collecting the money for that.  It seems that NYSEG could not figure it out with three meters in the house that they are renting, which was the meter to the apartment they are renting.  So I said welcome to the real world, all good training for life. 

I have told the boy to start gathering piles of things in his bedroom that he wants to take.  I know some parents go out and buy all new things for their college kids apartments, but we don’t have money for that, so whatever we have and the thrift.  So far he bought himself a cast iron frying pan, from a flea market, which he has to clean up, those pans last forever, and what is great about them is you can use it on top of the stove and in the oven.

Ithaca is on the Finger Lakes at the end of Lake Cayuga.  Cornell University sits on Lake Cayuga in Ithaca and Ithaca College sits at the top of the hill.  In fact when he caught the Greyhound Bus to Ithaca for orientation, he had to walk up that hill and it’s a very long walk.  We phoned him when he was half way up and he said “I’ve been walking up this hill for half an hour.”  The view is great.  See here for some information on the FingerLakes in NY State.

Tinkerbell who is about eighteen years old, give or take a year, because we did not have her from a kitten and was from the SPCA: is getting old.  I think in human years that is about 85, she has been having eye problems so Mr. B. took her to the Vet on Wednesday evening.  The meds do seem to be working so hopefully her eyes will clear up.  Eye problems seem to go with Himalayan cats.  She is a sweetie, but is a bit peeved off with me cleaning around her eyes, she’s almost at the point that she looks at me and doesn’t know whether to run or not, but if she sees some wipes in my hand she is off.

I’m still working on the Bible cover project, and another project for Hawaii which I will tell you about another time, they’re my fun things to do in the evening.

We had a very cool start to this summer which has been lovely temperature wise, but did not do the tomatoes and peppers any good, especially the peppers, so everything is a bit slow this year, and with working I don’t always have the time to get out there as I would wish.

I am counting on September to calm down a bit, and then I can focus on thinking about Hawaii and the anticipation leading up to my trip.  It’s no fun if you can’t enjoy that expectation period, and many times you can’t, you are so busy and all of a sudden you’re off.  I think that’s how I feel about taking the boy up to Ithaca, no time to really prepare and then we are off.  We will make it into a very mini vacation.

I want to visit IKEA to get a couple of things; it’s the best place to buy face cloths, a pack of twelve for around $4.00.  If you buy the matching ones here is how the prices go, I’m talking about on sale which is when I buy them.  Bath Sheet $12.99, Bath Towel $9.99, size down from that $8.99 little hand towel $6.99 and face cloth $5.99.  What one should do is buy a bath towel and cut it up into a zillion face cloths.  Also IKEA seems to be the only place I have seen to buy bed under sheets.  You can always buy a set, but it is the under sheet that wears out first.  Also in the Thrift you can often find nice top sheets, but no bottoms.

I just had to post the top painting which Persephone posts with the Miss Buncle book.  The Felixstowe, Ipswich bus, circa 1950's I would say.  It must be spring time with the daffodils.  Love the lady knitting and the headscarf.  When I was a child a lady never went out without a headscarf in her handbag.

I feel like the Mad Hatter, or was it the White Rabbit?  No time.


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  1. I do like the picture. It reminds me of an old friend who took her knitting everywhere. Had to laugh at the boy and the headache. When our son had his first flat, he said very indignantly "Do you know how many bills I have to pay?" I said yes because I pay them too and had done for years while he was living in bliss at home. Good practice for them for when they have families. The Finger Lakes look beautiful. Another place to visit. Ikea is cheaper in US than here. There was an article about Ikea in the Mail yesterday and how they are dearer than everywhere else now.


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