Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Life Without The Boy, Empty Nesters

Hi Dear Folk,

Life without The Boy.  Someone said to me you’re an empty nester now, and this had never come into my mind, I guess one is so busy just living life and getting things done, that I never viewed us in this light, it came as quite a shock to think about it this way.

I’m not sure how I view it.  My life is very busy anyway and one does not live life through ones children. You hope the years of upbringing have stood them in good stead for life and that is as it should be. Yes it is quieter for Mr. B. and I, we were both close to The Boy in different ways, I will miss our conversations and those close times, just as his dad will.  Since we had Rob almost twenty years later than all our peers, we are hit with the double hit of change, that and getting nearer to retirement, well a couple of years yet.

Now comes the thinking about, who am I?  Where am I?  What do I want to do?  And, who do I identify with?  People are always being slotted into pigeon holes, all neat and tidy, but I do not think the slot now is neat or tidy.  I’m not old, I’m not young, I know people view me as old, I don’t view myself that way.  I never want my mind to become old, I want to go on learning, and I have a multitude of ideas that buzz around all the time.  It is a conundrum, you see we were not meant to grow old, we were meant to live forever.

I would love to hear your thoughts.


P.S.  I had a hard time pressing the publish button on this one


  1. I missed our children when they left home although they were near and we saw them frequently and still do. I wouldn't want them to live with me again though and I know they wouldn't want to either even though we all are close. As for a slot - I don't think there is one for me. One of my closest friends is 20 years older than me and says she has to visit the old ones. Another close friend is 31 and doesn't view me as a "mum" but as her friend. Like you I have so many interests and things I want to see and do. Some people are born old and others never age like Ted who is 91 this year and still goes to the gym. We need forever to see and do everything. Mind you at Twickenham I was told I could sit in the seats reserved for the elderly! I did sit there but only because I was with a much younger person with a dodgy knee!

  2. Thank you for your comment Jean, they are always so pithy.


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