Monday, July 14, 2014

Whirling Butterflies and Other Things

I think 50% of my days I'm up at 4:30 or 5:00AM.  It's a lovely time of day in the garden.  Saturday I was outside enjoying a nice cup of tea when I heard this kerfuffle in George's tree, it will always be George's place, even though he died.  Two American Robins were chasing a squirrel around, up and down, they had the advantage as they could fly although squirrels are very nimble.

So the above flower is a hosta flower, when they are finished blooming they turn into a seed type pod, in fact quite a quantity form, I ate one last year just to try it, it didn't taste bad, does anyone know if you can cook and eat them?  The flowers really are quite pretty and much overlooked I think.

This is my teacup pot, which a squirrel came and dug in and turfed out one of my cat and kittens and I had to replant it, they are so naughty.  I was sitting quietly on the oak tree patio, and I hear this squirrel start with a chattering noise, I look over to the oak tree and there is a grey squirrel facing downwards looking right at me having a little fit that I am in his space.  Oh yes!  They have done this before.

I am reading Miss Buncle's Book, by D E Stevenson, it is a wonderful read, I have notes and will definitely do a book review.

Indian Feathers, Whirling Butterflies, I so love this perennial that I went and bought another one, the name so fits, either one.

Blister Cress another perennial planted, I wonder why they call it Blister Cress?

Tahitian Bridal Veil, I could not pass this by, it is so dainty, just had to show you the size, forgive dirty gardening fingernails.

So all on my Simla patio is blooming.  I see the basement door is in need of a paint, but it's such a job to sand, I wonder if you could buy a giant decal and just stick it over, something fancy, now that would be nice.

Mr B's blueberry cake, very good.

The Stash Lavender Breakfast in Paris tea I bought while away in Danville, so good.

A Thrift find, a Korean mug with lid, called Playing Ducks, I have long wanted one of these mugs which I have seen at the Korean store, but they are quite expensive.  This one $0.79 cents at the Thrift.

A few more perennials to plant.  I hope they all come up.  The trouble with perennials is that you plant them, forget about them and next year you are non the wiser if they do not appear.  I will just have to remember to look back in my blog.

A lovely morning, rounded out with a chat, my friend Jean from the UK phoned, so nice.


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  1. Your garden is so beautiful. I have given up with hostas as the slugs eat them but mine only had tiny flowers not like yours. I love the name whirling butterflies and so pretty. I have made a chart of my garden and mark all new perennials on it. The ground is like concrete now so hard to plant anything. I made that blueberry cake from your recipe once but used blackcurrants and it was delicious. Your thrift shop finds are amazing. I look forward to the book review and yes it was good to chat.


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