Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bouquets, Booties and Bobs of the Week

Hello Dear Folk,

I was thinking how nice this summer has been, so much less humid than many a summer before.  Blue skies and fluffy clouds.

A little bouquet from Mr. B, placed strategically in front of my sewing chair, for me to enjoy.  So many things going on, getting my mind around The Boy leaving for Ithaca, and working out which weekend we will take him up to Uni.

We, his mum and dad have not visited Ithaca since he was about fourteen, we were up there on vacation, as a family, visiting the Finger Lakes, it is a beautiful region.  Of course Rob has been up there several times.

When we are up there I hope to visit the Aurora Shoe Company, they make hand made shoes, and have been mentioned on SouleMama and Tiny Happy.  I really would like a made to measure pair for my trip to Hawaii.  I cannot decide between the open side with open toe, or open side with closed toe, burgundy or blue.  They are located half an hour north of Ithaca.  Nothing is better than a comfortable pair of shoes, something hand made in the USA and of quality.


A dinner from Jack Monroe's Blog.  Keralin Aubergine Curry.  I had all the ingredients, so did not have to go out and buy anything.  The aubergines, fresh from my garden, the only extra thing I added, just because I had it in my garden, baby mustard greens.  I served it with couscous which I have been enjoying for a change instead of rice.

I love seeing all those colours come together and then add the cumin and turmeric and all changes to a yellow hue.

My project this week has been to work on these baby booties, I have had such fun with them.  I lined these with brocade to walk on, and then got carried away with copper thread so stuck with other basic colours. 

A variation on this pattern, red felt lined with a cream coloured felted Merino jumper, they will be so warm.  I kept them very plain and I think it works well with these little buttons I found in my tin.

I've been thinking what a useful and enjoyable stitch blanket stitch is, neatening edges and pulling layers of fabric together.  All this hand sewing made me think of Dorcas in the Bible, Acts 9:36-43.  She must really have enjoyed sitting there sewing and sharing her needlework.

I debated on adding buttons or not, but decided to do so as the seams were hard to keep on centre at the back.

So cute, two pairs will never turn out the same, it's hard enough making the same pair to match.  The family always said of Grandma that her creativity always ran to one creation, I think mine is the same, there must be variation.


P.S.  I'm watching on You Tube "Love Among The Ruins", Hepburn and Olivier at their best, a must watch.


  1. the meal looks yummy and the booties are adorbs!

  2. I have always hankered after hand made shoes as I am currently trawling the shops for a comfortable pair without success. I have been considering that curry as aubergines are cheap at the moment. The booties are cute.


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