Sunday, July 20, 2014

Book Meltdown, Kitchen Corner

How is your weekend going?  Yesterday, Saturday afternoon I had a meltdown in the Simla Room, actually a book meltdown, which lead to a rearrangement of a kitchen corner.  You know I love books, it's my Achilles" Heal, just cannot stop acquiring books.  I had so many piles of books in the Simla Room, that I had recruited this cake stand as a book pile stand, plus trying to do needlework, it was all too much of a mess leading to a meltdown.

This meltdown lead to a clean out of books, one's I might have liked to keep, but they just had to go, so I could be organized, I cannot work for continued periods of time in clutter.

I moved my cake stand to a little corner of my kitchen, replacing the basket that held veg, and good job I did because the potatoes had also had a meltdown in this hot weather, to wet stinky mass, ugh!  So now comes a cleanup of this little corner.

I am enjoying my little teapots here.

On the wall above are these lovely little hooks that I bought while in Halstead, UK.  A milk scalding jug, from Italy.  As a child we always were served coffee with hot scalded milk, in fact it was served about half and half, and when ever you went to a friends this was the way coffee was served, but not so much now.  Actually it's a nice way to serve coffee in the winter.

Also cleaned these sweet three dimensional replicas of two places in Bury St. Edmunds.  While in England a friend of my sister's was going to put these in a car boot sale, and I liked them so much that I said that I would buy them off her.  They were in the most ugly black plastic frames, which I replaced with shadow boxes.  The one at the bottom is the smallest pub in England, Wellington Arms, a Green King Pub, the other is a Florist's shop.

Sorry about the reflections.

While I was cleaning out books, I came across this Mennonite Cookbook I found at the Thrift, published in 1951, such a nice find.

I love the indented tabs on older American cookbooks.

Grandmother's table, notice the plate of cut bread.  There was always a plate of cut bread on my father's mother's table.  I think it's because they had a small holding and ate dinner midday.  And a lovely Pennsylvania Farm scene sketch below.

This is the Household Magazine cookbook that they used to put out, this dates to 1947, I also have another one that was Bob's mum's that dates earlier than that, but is in a much more worn condition.  Here again you see the use of indented tabs along the side.

Well that's about it.

What a terrible week news wise so sad.  I guess we'll all be checking flight plan pathways on future flights.


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  1. It is so tempting to keep collecting books. Even though we have so much online now, there is just something special about a real book. I like your teapots on the stand. It does you good to have a reshuffle.


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