Friday, July 4, 2014

A Pennsylvania Town

Danville, Pennsylvania.  I don't know about you but I love to see where people live, what type of house do they live in and what is typical to the area.  Well Danville would give you a glimpse into a typical Pennsylvania town of the late 1800's and on.

Three very typical features of an older home in Pennsylvania are wood siding, a deep wrap around porch and always a basement.  Coming from the UK basements were a new feature to me.  In the UK you have old bigger houses with a cellar, but over here, even newly built houses have a basement.

Look at this old house above, notice the sloping back roof, almost on the style of a New England saltbox roof, see here.

The Aubergine House, Rob and I decided that we did like this colour on the house.

Looking down Main Street.

A different view of the Aubergine House.

Wires, many older towns seem to have wires running everywhere.  If you ever look at photos of San Francisco pre-earthquake wires run everywhere above the streets.

Someone loves this little house.

The railway tracks run through town.  Tracks run through the town I live in, there is nothing so haunting as the sound of an American train, at night, tooting as it goes through town.  If there was any sound that is quintessentially American my choice would be that night time sound of a train.

The train tracks again crossing the Main Street. In the UK this street is always called the High Street, but in the USA it is the Main Street.

Here we are down by the Susquehanna River, a little park.  Just the right place to sit and view the river.

A row of row homes.

What colour in this brick.  It was early on a Sunday morning when I drove around town, it could be a film set, it seems just right to make a movie here.

Wandering around turn on a Sunday morning  was so peaceful before the town woke up.


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  1. What a beautiful town. I love wandering about looking at the buildings. We can hear the trains here too at night sometimes. It reminds me of Auden's poem about the mail train which doesn't exist anymore. The colours are marvellous.


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