Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Trash and Treasure

Dear Folk,

The summer is quickly ebbing and you know how you do nothing for weeks and then everything comes at once.  I have a special commitment for the month of August, plus this Saturday we are invited to a going away get together, for which everyone is bringing a dish, so I need to think about what to bring, then taking The Boy to Ithaca, followed by a special luncheon the following Saturday, always Feast or Famine.

I gave a treat to a poor pine tree which has lived in this pot for thirty years.  It was originally one of those twigs given to you for Earth Day or Arbor Day, from work, something like that and was just planted in a pot, having a small garden and nowhere to plant a pine tree, that was three houses ago.  It has travelled from one to the other.  How it lived in this pot for thirty years I don't know, could you say it has been well and truly Bonsai'd, not in the traditional sense but it has been.  We had to literally peel the pot off.

This is the new pot that I bought, but now I am second guessing myself and think I should have chosen a different one, well I could still do that and save this for something else.  However we did plant it with lots of lovely new compost at it's roots, it must be reaching out and saying, Ah!  Of course no sooner was it in the pot than the squirrels were digging holes in it and turning out the soil.

I found this out by the curbside for someone to take, so it has found a very comfortable resting place, by my back door.  It's handy just to step outside and have this comfortable chair right here.  Also Tinkerbell is very partial to wicker or rush seated chairs, they are her very favourite, even over a soft cushion, isn't that funny? Maybe it seems more natural to her.  Being free you don't worry if it doesn't weather so well, because down the road I always come across something else at the curbside.  It's a good way to furnish the garden.

Take care have a lovely summer.


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  1. Enjoy August. I like the chair. We get quite excited by freebies we find put out for rubbish.


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