Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Never A Dull Moment

I came out of work yesterday to find out that my car would not start, dead as a doornail.  I had been out in my car at lunch time and had no problem, but did note that a light on my dashboard was showing that some of my lights were on, but I've had problems before with lights on the dashboard being on and they've been connected to a problem with the computer.  All my light switches were turned off, I even looked at my lights outside and did not see any on, unfortunately the fog lights are set resessed under the front bumper and unless you bend right down you cannot see them.

A fellow workmate tried to jump my car, to no avail.  So I got a lift home and explained all the symptoms to my husband.  Totally dead no lights etc.  He buys a battery, goes over puts it in and voila we now have juice, but for some reason the fog lights are staying on all the time, even though they are switched off, there must be some short in the switch, the only way I can turn them off when I shut off the engine is to put my left turn signal on.  "So put left turn signal on, turn engine off."  It worked I did not have a flat battery this morning.

I did not feel like going out again after a day at work, so Mr. B. made a trip out to fix my car, and a trip out with the Boy to pick my car up.  The Boy could not go earlier because he was at an awards dinner at college.  "What is the award for?"  "I don't know," what's with teenagers?  At least he knew when he got home, a teacher had nominated him as an outstanding student, he doesn't even know what teacher.  He did say the dinner was very good, and went into different descriptions of what he ate and Mr B and I looked at each other, must be nice.

I spent all evening in the garden until the sun set.  Just trying to catch up with this spring clean up and planting. Did I say my rosemary bush also died during the winter, so now I have a big space to fill.

This morning I was up at 5:30 AM planting tomatoes, and cleaning up, then rushed to get ready for work.

Guess what, I turned the big 60, yes six decades on this earth.  You always hear things like thirty was hard, or forty was hard, but at thirty I was fine, and forty I had my wonderful Boy, and fifty I was happy with a ten year old, but sixty, yes that's the biggy.  So many changes.  Probably the hardest is that I did not think I would be working full time at sixty, in fact all my life I have always worked part time, so these last few years, where I had to step up to the plate and when one is older have been a challenge.  I'm glad that I can keep up with my job because it is demanding, but the lack of time for what one wants to do is tuff.  So therefore two hours in the garden last night and two hours in the garden this morning, snatched out of a full work day.

I think this has happened to a lot of people and I would love to hear your comments on this.  Changes for so many people in so many different ways, life sends you a curve ball.

So much baseball terminology, that must be because I got to go to a baseball game last week, will tell you more another time.



  1. I'm glad the car is sort of ok now. Well done Rob even if he didn't know what for. At least he had a good dinner. I am totally amazed by your stamina. I looked forward to being 60 to get my pension and bus pass then they moved the goal posts and I had to wait 6 months. Anybody 60 now wont get their pension til they're 64. It is gradually going up to 67 so I am really thankful to be retired. Apart from when my children were very small this is the best time of my life. I have read two articles about old age recently and they both say there are different stages of being old. Newly retired and fit is great. Being decrepit but carrying on living not so good. One was by Mary Beard and very interesting.

  2. so sorry about your car! As to being 60--I love it!! I am that much closer to collecting social security...and I give myself a break more. I was told I would get my social security at 62. You get more at 65....but statistically it ends up you get about the same amount either way.


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