Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Grand Central Station

Grand Central Terminal at least this station did not go to the wrecker's ball like Penn Station and here is someone else who feels the same as I do about the destruction of Pennsylvania Station.

That said here we have the beautiful interior of Grand Central Terminal in NYC.  I dashed in on my walk for a quick look, could have spent more time just here.  To my left is a restaurant that looks over the concourse and it seems there is also a famous Oyster Bar.  The Boy and I have become a fan of oyster's ever since we ate them in Apalachicola, FL.

You feel good walking through here not herded along.  I have noticed many NYC buildings have a similar architectural theme.  I think the entrance to the Met Museum, NYC Library and this station are of a similar ilk.


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  1. Having seen Penn Station, I have to agree with you and the other commentator. What a shame they knocked the beautiful old one down. Also need to see Grand Central Station.


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