Friday, May 2, 2014

March to May

Where did April go, it almost seemed like a continuation of March as the weather was so cold and chilly.  Forget April showers it was April floods on Wednesday, as a huge storm came up from the south and deluged us.

It is meant to be nice this weekend, I do hope so.  I have not been out to look at my planted seeds and what I did in the garden last weekend.  Two weeks ago I planted seeds in my little plastic green house thing and they should be sprouting.

Still getting in quotes for a new furnace, it's a slow process, you think people would be happy for some work.  I think it's getting to crunch time though, because Mr B. has to go down there every morning and turn it on just to heat the hot water and this morning it took several goes to get it to turn on just to heat the water and you know once you have no hot water you will not wait around for weeks while people try and figure out if they want the job or not.  We haven't needed heat and have used other sources if it has been a bit chilly.

Mr. B was down in the basement having a sort out, because our ginormous 1950/60s furnace will have to come out, along with the oil tank that is in the basement.  We are going to replace this with natural gas.  We already have a gas line to the house, we just hope it is large enough for the heating system, at the moment we just run the stove in the Simla room off gas.  Actually it will be more cost effective as I am already paying a fee to just have the service of natural gas run to my house, whether I use it or not, so that is not an extra charge for me.  So with the efficiency of a new furnace I am hoping to save at least $1,000 per year.

Can you believe that old furnace has been working in this house for at least sixty years if not more.  I doubt if a new furnace will work for more that twenty to thirty years, tops.

I am thinking of my trip to Hawaii I know that it is way off in November, so I will have a long time to look forward to it.  Most trips seem to rush up on me.  Packing these days has to be very minimum because of the airlines and their limitations.  I packed very light for Florida and it worked out fine, I had plenty of clothes, of course it's all warm weather clothing and you do not need all those heavy items.

In Hawaii, we plan to see the sunrise from the top of Haleakala Crater, Maui.  This is 10,023 feet high and is very cold up there, so will need a warm jacket for that.  You have to be on the road at 2:00AM to make it up there in time.

I also think Hawaii is not going to be as hot as Florida was.  So I've been thinking of a travel wardrobe.  You know like TravelSmith that put's together these combinations of tops and bottoms, which you can mix and match for a trip, along with some dresses.

Usually I just route through my wardrobe and come up with combinations, may just do that again, or make something, depends on if time is good to me.

Well the weekend is here, and should be a sunny one.

All you dear Folk do have a wonderful weekend.



  1. Over here oil is definitely much dearer than gas. People in rural areas have to use oil as no gas supply so hope you get your new boiler soon. My last boiler only lasted 2 years then this one needed a major new part. Hope you enjoy the weekend in the garden. Your trip sounds amazing.

  2. Thanks for your comment Christy. I'm glad you enjoyed the Harris travelogue. I hope you had a good weekend, and that the boiler/furnace problems get sorted. At least it's not the dead of winter!


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