Sunday, May 11, 2014

Lilacs and Lunches

My weekend was busy as usual, nice change in the weather though, it was sunny and up in the eighties.  Saturday the boy made breakfast for us and then we went over to get our PA driving licences renewed, fun, fun, lines and bureaucracy.  We walked in at #92 and we were #14 and #15.  My picture taking and getting it completed went well, but it seems The Boy hadn't completed his card on line so we were sent over to another building to fill out a form, which we did only to get up to the girl, who mumbled something The Boy didn't understand, pointed, sign, money, very monosyllabic.  No, no credit cards, no cash, only checks.  By then without a check book we left and Rob said he would do it on line get the camera card and try again.  fortunately he has some time to do that.

Here are a couple of lunches, strawberries, cucumber, spinach and cheese.

Nice Tuscan bread, toasted, spread with a little mayo, sliced avocado, mushrooms and cheese melted under the broiler and I like my pepper.  Doesn't that green look great with the yellow?

Several things have died in the garden over the terrible winter that we had, after being in my garden a long while.  All my butterfly bushes died, along with my rosemary bush which has made it through many winters, my white and purple lilacs are looking worse for wear.

The Boy made this jug in pottery class, it is very heavy, and has a crack but high enough up to hold enough water so that I can use it as a vase.  Unfortunately because of some oversight my teapot never got put in the kiln for firing, which is very disappointing, I hope he brings it home still.  I do like the blue glaze on this jug.

I did get out to the nursery and bought two flats, one of pinks and one of marigolds, along with a beautiful pink hydrangea, to plant where one butterfly bush will need to be dug out and another orchid, this one is yellow with a purple center.  Now on thinking about it I do like the butterfly bush because of getting to watch the butterflies, will have to think that out.

Stopped at a friend's and got tomato plants, peppers and some herbs.  I did get some flower planting done, but no veges.  Always so much to do and so little time.  I did get my passion flower out of the Simla room and into the great outdoors, we will see if it revives, I do hope so.

Got to sit down and read Journey Into The Whirlwind by Eugenia Ginzburg, it's on the Persephone list, I think this title is a little different as it is the American addition.  The follow up to this is Within The Whirlwind.  An autobiography about her eighteen years in various Russian prisons and Gulags, under Stalin, during his despotic era.

Hope you had a great weekend.


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  1. Your lunches look so pretty. Lovely to sit in the garden again. Its been wet and miserable here but due to change in a couple of days. I like Rob's jug and it looks good with the lilac. I bought a butterfly bush a couple of years ago so looking forward to the butterflies as it is growing well. Same as you I am sowing and planting as much as I can. It is the Spring Rush as it is called in Little House books.


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