Saturday, May 17, 2014

Graduation Time Montgomery County Community College 50th Anniversary

Well the big day is here and Rob graduates from College.  He will be going on from here to University, so actually will get to graduate yet again. MCCC was founded in 1964 and is a community college.  These have come a long way from their humble beginnings.  Not only was it Rob's graduation but it was the 50th Anniversary of the College.  It was first located in Conshohocken as an annex from the High School there.  In fact when they started some people even threatened to blow them up, because of the word Community, it was during the height of communist paranoia.  Do not use the words social and community over here, for fear one is a communist.  In 1974 they bought an old farm and moved out to the country, Blue Bell, which now is a very expensive area to live in, so a lovely setting for the college.

You can see the tent in the background which was huge, there were 500 graduates, so I would say that the tent sat between 2,000 to 2,500 people, it had to.

Above you can see the back of their gowns, Rob wore a maroon tassel on his cap, and a silver stole, one side said Honors Program and the other side had the college emblem. Rob does assure me that he has photos of himself in his gown, because I have none.  By the time we met up with him after the three hour program, he was so hot that he had ditched the cap and gown, and only had the stole on him.

It was a lovely evening the program started at 7:00 PM and ended at 10:00 PM with a greet ones guests afterwards.

The orchestra play throughout the evening, Pomp and Circumstance, etc.

Here are some of the faculty in their gowns and of course all those different colours and stoles mean something.

Above is the current president, photo taken off one of the giant screens.

Above you can just see Rob on the screen bottom right.

They had lights trained on the roof , 50th Anniversary and Montgomery County Community College.

All the sweets from the culinary school at the college.  I did get a French macaroon, they were delicious.

Savoury buffet.

The Boy and Mr. B, proud dad.

The Boy and his proud Mum.

Still waiting for the official photos.

It really was a very nice graduation ceremony.  Two down one to go.



  1. Well done Rob. Looked like a good evening. Photos to treasure.

  2. Congratulations!!! It does look like a really nice graduation ceremony.


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