Sunday, November 24, 2013

My Saturday Always Busy

I was grounded by my son on Saturday.  He needed to borrow my car to pick up a hose that he had ordered for his car, then he needed to drive to a friends house to install it.  On the way home from work on Wednesday, his car radiator was over heating and he realized that he had a leak, so called his dad and together they took his car over to a friends house not wanting to drive it too far.  So Saturday was the day that Rob and Seth were able to fix it and now he's back on the road again.  That meant I was without a car most of the day.  That's OK though, because when you work all week you're glad to potter around one's own house on the weekend.

I just wanted to share with you a dear little pin cushion that I bought a little while ago.  Well a Brit cannot resist a teapot, you know that.

Some wonderful fabric from South Africa that my friend brought back for me.  Now to decide how I am going to use it, I love the vibrant colours, so good to give one colour in the dead of winter and to think of far off sun, people and places.

I found the huge holder at T. J. Maxx for $10.00, it's wonderful for holding tons of my fabric, such a lovely pattern, almost Bloomsbury.

I made a Blurb Journal, but when I found this one Marjolean Bastin, I just couldn't resist it.  Plus I made a mistake on my Blurb book, by using too large a template for an every day journal, after you have done all that work though you are not about to discard it, plus I had uploaded it before I really thought about it.  To enjoy it I will use it for note taking, thoughts and ideas.  The photos in the journal are of Florida, Rob and I, so happy pics and memories.

Some of the wonderful pictures of nature in this 2014 Journal, everyone different, my type of Journal. 

I keep wanting to write 1914, I guess that year has been on my mind as it is the one hundred year anniversary of that Great War that ended an era.

I rather liked this photo which reminded me of my Cheese of The Month Club.

I forgot to include some pictures of the African animals which are included and seemed to be fitting in my mind with things African and my African fabric.

I've finished the grey scarf and I'm know working on the winter white scarf, so many yummy yarns to make these in.  I think the winter white would make a lovely little shoulder shawl, I do have a pattern, just need to work it out.

So my Saturday was cleaning, cooking, sorting things and knitting.

I made my old stand by Florentine Soup, which is chicken and chicken stock, tinned tomatoes cut up or diced tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, spinach and noodles.  It's an easy good tasting soup.

Drum roll !!!!!

After five decades and plus I have found an easy way to make pastry and it tastes great.  I'll leave that to another post. 

Have a great weekend.

Special Assembly Day on Sunday.

Take care,

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  1. What a sweet pin cushion and I love the vibrant colours of the fabric. Your blog is full of color and beauty which we need especially in the winter. You are very industrious with all your cooking and knitting! Hope you enjoyed the assembly day. Ours is week after next.


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