Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Florida, Naples Beach Lovely, Parking Tickets, Atrocious

The beach at Naples, Florda is very nice, but the parking is not user friendly.  I read the parking sign over several times and felt that I was good to park where I did.  We bought a ticket to take us up to 6:00 PM after which time I thought the parking was free, wrong.  I think the only time there is free parking is between 1:00 AM to 2:00 AM.  why didn't they just say, pay anytime you park here, day or night.  So needless to say we received a parking fine.  In fact even the Moon guide book says Naples is not tourist friendly for parking, they should underline that and put it in red.  You can't contest it because you have to appear in person.  Now I'm going to fly back to Florida to contest it!

Other than that we spent a lovely afternoon on the beach.

This little boy took off and his older brother was in hot pursuit to get him back, they were so cute.

In contemplation, I'm not sure about what.

A swim, then a good read on the beach, what could be nicer.



  1. What a beach! A lovely relaxing day except for the parking which must be a worldwide thing as we have the same problem here. My daughter reads the book series you were reading.

  2. Definitely my idea of a good day out - apart from the parking issue that is!
    Tale care


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