Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Long Horn Steak House

After our day out we went back to the campsite that we were staying at the Myakka River State Park here.

We drove almost ten miles from the front entrance ranger station back to our campsite.  It was very close to the lake so you could hear the bull frogs all night.  Unless you have ever heard the sounds of the night in the southern states of the US you cannot imagine how noisy they are with animals and insects.  When I used to watch films set in the South before I ever came to the USA I thought it was added sound track, but no, it really does sound like that.  Even in Pennsylvania in the summer it is quite busy with evening sounds, I love it.  We camped around the small grove of trees.

We took a shower and changed then went out and treated ourselves to a nice steak dinner.  Actually you might not know this but Florida is one of the biggest producers of beef.  I always thought most came from the Western States.  So where else should we go but Long Horn, as I had never been there and the Boy works at Long Horn up here.  In fact they own a chain of restaurants, which includes Red Lobster, Olive Garden and Bahama Breeze, plus others which I forget.  We had a great waiter and of course Rob told him he was a waiter too and the discount is always sweet.  The Boy and I had a lovely evening together.


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  1. Yes I love the night sounds in the USA. I think a lot of it was crickets but lovely to drift off to sleep by.


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