Monday, November 4, 2013

Driving The Everglades

Driving across the Florida Eveglades is a long, lonely, hot drive, which you either want to do early in the morning or later in the day or evening.  By the time we got there is was about 5:00 PM so just about the right time, because we did not want to drive it in the dark.  For us going at about 45 to 50 mph it is just around a two hour drive, a bit more if I remember rightly.

The road across is call the Tamiami Trail and is straight across the Everglades.

For us with no air conditioning windows are all wide open.  Thank goodness for old fashioned wing windows, do you remember those on the old cars?

A road crew working on the road.

Some spectacular skies.

The Everglades are sight worth seeing and is a National Park Area.


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  1. yes I would like to see the everglades. It appeals to me more that the more popular attractions of Florida. I enjoy seeing it through your cameras.


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